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Doughdish Replacement Parts

We carry all parts and spars for both, the Doughdish and the Stuart Knockabout, including but not limited to: Nameboards, Sitka Spruce Spars, Mast Hoops, Standing and Running Rigging, Boom Crutch, Bronze Hardware, Blocks, Sails, Custom Canvas Covers

Doughdish 2023 Hardware & Parts Catalog

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Crafting Bronze hardware

Crafting quality and authentic bronze hardware is a very labor intensive process. Beginning at the foundry, each step of construction involves the hands of a skill craftsman. As the individual pieces get closer to their final product, the attention to detail is more and more important. When finished, this hardware will last a lifetime.

Our quality and authenticity ensures we stand out from the fleet. Preserving the Past and Continuing the Legacy

PARTS Department: Email or call 508-563-2800

Doughdish 2023 Hardware & Parts Catalog

The Doughdish - Overview and Specs (PDF)